Although relatively young, Terra is steeped in history.
Ottavio Marchi and Bruno Tam ventured into planting the first vines in 2007, dramatically transforming a vacant 100 acre farm.
Our two hard working octogenarians, in true classical immigrant style, led the charge.
With sheer grit, farmer know-how and a slight touch of madness as well, Marchi and Tam laboriously prepared the fields.
They cleared them of a myriad of rocks (at times modestly known as boulders) reflecting where once the landscape had been bulldozed by glaciers or perhaps, where glacial runoff trickled and pooled long ago.

terras-co-founders-1Through their never ending challenges of weeding and hand-hoeing,these co-founders ventured upon hundreds and hundreds
of tractor bucket loads of rock.
The broken
shale was cleared to better prepare, cultivate and nurture the land for vine planting.
While Marchi drove the tractor and pushed towards the future, Tam, at his side, would cast a glance over his shoulder now and then to gauge the past.  Together, they became strongly tied to the earth, the land.  It was inevitable that they would decide to name the vineyard TERRA, the Latin word for ‘earth’. Our vineyard embodies the true sense of our co-founders’ ties to the very soil which produces the type of high quality wines they envisioned.  Their instinctive knowledge and keen eye for good vine growing sites has allowed Terra to distinguish itself naturally.  As they pushed themselves, so too did Marchi and Tam push the limits of the vines.  They sought out marginal, extreme areas within the vineyard because they knew vines produce more intensely flavoured grapes when up against a challenge.

Farming is never perfect, just eternally hopeful, and Terra’s natural elements are firmly established in our co-founders’ Friuliani roots.